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                                         . . . chiropractic helps the re-establishment
                                                of health, which always begins from the
                                                inside expressing to the outside. . .

Dr. Mike SzapkoChiropractic Spine & Film

Welcome to my website, after becoming informed from the various articles listed below, a better understanding about how chiropractic works and what’s entailed will be appreciated.

*Reading them in the order of the way listed best serves the data dovetailing to one another.

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-Chiropractic to Medicine Comparison

  DisEASE, vsDisease, what’s the difference?

-The Immune System  &  V e r t e b r a l   Misalignment’s

-The  D i s n e y  Thinking w/ Energy Invasion & Resistance by the body

-The Zones A-B-C

S c i e n t i  f i c , what does it mean? 

The rest after that can be viewed in what order you like.



  As learning unfolds, please enjoy the unique photos which became along the way; as one might think  those kinds just don’t happen; my thanks to the many who help

Dr. Michael Szapko, D.C.