Zone Systems and

         some of what they govern.

Glandular System / Zone 1

Includes all Glands of the body: Glands of the head, Pineal, Pituitary, Memory, Energy, Skin, Hair, Glands of the stomach, Thyroid gland, Mammary Glands, Adrenals, Glands of digestion, Pancreas, Liver, Appetite, Sleep, Elimination, Glands of the kidney region, Glands of the pelvis, Uterus and Ovaries or Prostate and Gonads, Kidneys, Relaxation, Outlook on life, Temper, Concentration, Immune System, Hormonal System.  


Elimination System / Zone 2

Includes all Elimination organs of the body: Sinuses, Mucus elimination, Nasal passage, Throat, Nose, Bronchial tubes, Lungs, Kidneys, Bladder, Urination, Small intestine, Colon, Bowel movements, Skin, Toxins, Alkaline/Acid Balance

Nerve System / Zone 3
Includes all
Nerves & Brain of the body: Eyes, Ears, Sense organs, Solar-plexus, Digestion, Mood, Relaxation, Sleep, Reproductive organs, Appetite, Elimination, Nerves, Immune System, Hormonal Balance.

The Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems, all nerve management is controlled here. 

We can’t do anything without them, remember our Superman hero, the late Christopher Reeve. Nerves transmit all messages from the brain to all body parts.

Any interferences, irritations or blockages from misaligned vertebrae decrease life’s functions and living your life becomes muted. 

Digestive System / Zone 4

Includes all Digestive Organs of the body:  Liver, Appetite, Taste, Salivary glands, Digestion, Gall Bladder, Pancreas, Elimination, Bowels, Stomach glands, Intestines, Food Assimilation, Weight, Energy.

 Muscular System / Zone 5

Includes all Muscles of the body, some 600 of them. When all muscles are balanced on both sides of the body, that’s equilibrium and not then fighting the Center of gravity, where activities become effortless.  One achieves more in less time.

*Any muscle tightness imbalances makes the body work harder with day to day activities; a  graphic example here doesn’t need much explanation of what the rodeo rider goes through, if he didn’t have muscle tightness imbalances before, he sure would after.


Amazingly, some live through that with no paralysis, but the unending muscle/bone pain from so much tissue damage can never repair properly and that pain will be life long, getting worse as the years go by.


 *Unknowingly, “People Do Enjoy” imbalances, which over the years take its toll.  Long before that, Life’s Technicolor is dampened as more premature aging takes place.   *Daily unending pain is no fun, a person’s life doesn’t have to be that way if they maintained order for their bodies.


 Circulatory System / Zone 6

Includes all Blood Vessels, of the body: 

Thyroid gland, Blood pressure, Heart, Ease, Strength, Blood vessels of back, arms, chest, abdomen, and lower extremities, Circulation, Lymph vessels, Movement of limbs, Relaxation. 


These blood vessels include Arteries, Veins and Lymph vessels are governed here, so that the proper movement of fluids can occur. Sluggish or muted impulses by vertebrae misalignment’s can cause a decrease of fluid movements.

People mindful about their health realize the importance of uninterrupted circulation getting nutrients to all tissues, what vitally important is the removal of toxins.

  Any decrease of these two functions causes a reduction of fuel to body parts, as well as bathing in our own “liquid dirt.”  More about this is seen in the section on Immune System.