Dr. Thurman Fleet from San Antonio, Texas brought  Zone Healing o the world in 1931, teaching there are JUST  7  categories, that when disturbed, puts the body into DIS-ease, which can lead to Disease.   

      *All diseased conditions, aches and pains,

                 and other discomforts experienced by the

                         body can be attributed to one or more

                                  disturbances to the body’s 6 Systems or Zones,”

                                       controlled by the brain, all genetically coded to a

                                              DEFAULT SETTING OF NORMAL.

These are:













                                         7-ENERGY REBUILDING 


                        THE 3 AREAS WHERE INSULTS COME FROM

a) -Physical: where some physical item causes an injury to the body, i.e., bruising, contusion, or an action improperly or over done creating sprain/strain to some joint.


a) -Emotional: where the mind becomes much over worked/over active with some emotion on any life matter for more than a “normal period”of time, i.e., anger, fear, jealousy, etc.


c) -Chemical: where some agent contacts the skin or something gets inside creating reactions, i.e., poisons, over indulgence of food/drink or some that have turned bad.

When a ZONE is out of balance, being with  Dis-ease, out-of-ease, a message is sent to a point outside the brain at the base of the skull, where it can be determined which zone is with dis-ease.  From there the approach to spinal adjustment correction is figured out. . .


pictures to come ….

                     The yellow line is the location for the 6 Zones,

                      (Oscar from the 72nd Academy Awards models the area.)


       The upset Zone will feel tender/pain, as the trained

              fingers of the chiropractor discover it, dictating

              the approach for treatment.


The 3 X-ray phases are seen at the bottom in Zone Healing B.


pictures to come ….


                      THE LATERAL SPINE: