Curriculum Vitae

The Curriculum Vitae: Michael Szapko D.C., (Dr. Mike), from Alberta, Canada, immigrated to the United States in June 1986. His undergraduate training was completed at the University of Alberta for the Bachelor of Science (‘70) and Diploma of Education (‘71). The Doctor of Chiropractic was completed at the original chiropractic college, Palmer College of Chiropractic in ’78 Davenport, Iowa. Before performing the practice of chiropractic, he taught high school biology and chemistry, a five-year-run begun in 1971 that included Edmonton, Alberta, and Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 



His Family Private Practice as “Dr. Mike” began in September, 1979 in Calgary, Alberta and eventually landed in sunny Santa Monica ’86.  In August ’91, Ted Danson, who played Sam Malone on the on the TV hit series Cheers, was the leading channel for having Dr. Mike perform his services at Paramount Studios as the set chiropractor to Cheers. Mr. Danson also coined the phrase:  “Dr. Mike:  The Chiropractor to the Stars.”

After Cheers finished, Dr. Mike was asked by Kelsey Grammer to perform chiropractic services on his new show FRASIER, the Cheers sinp-off, which he did through Frasier’s 11 years of entertainment. 

Frasier wrote a new chapter for Hollywood History in 1998, by setting a new record with winning the 5th consecutive Emmy, for best comedy, beating The Dick Van-Dyke Show, All in the Family and Cheers, whom Frasier was tied with in 1997.  This was most auspicious since it happened in the 50th, – the Jubilee year of the Emmys.

Dr. Mike’s studio portfolio has been graced with the 1995 Summer Blockbuster Hits of Batman Forever and Apollo 13.

 In 1998 at the 70th Academy Awards, it was an Honor to have been truly behind the scenes with the people from their productions that garnished Best Picture: Titanic, Best Supporting Actress, for Kim Basinger from LA Confidential and Best Actress and Actor for Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson, from As Good As It Gets. It was a “Night to Remember!”

After Frasier concluded, Dr. Mike still rendered care to the staffs of ET and Dr. Phil Shows all ending in spring of 2005.  Based at Paramount Studios, and traveling to the other five major studios, a total of 14 years were spent in this Hollywood arena rendering care to the casts and crews of major productions, in both television and film.

Dr. Mike decided that a change was needed; Kalispell, Montana was the chosen place. After 16 months of preparation everything was finally ready and in August of 2006, Dr. Mike moved to the beautiful Flathead Valley.

Other Dr. Mike’s interests include professional entertaining as a pianist, flying (private pilot, ‘82), hiking, camping, water sports, skiing, and snowboarding, etc.  Dr. Szapko is also Montana Board certified.