The DISNEY Thinking: keep system checks ongoing even when there’s nothing wrong, then no catching up is required should things go wrong.

The subtly is that, when something goes wrong it’s because of a part just wore out needing replacing, not it breaking down from negligent, ignored service.  

Stress ages a system over the years, it’s faster aging taking place, which wouldn’t happen if regular long range care was had, keeping the system less-stressed.

 -We manage our homes, yards and certainly our vehicles, which have manuals noting details of what’s to be done at certain mileage service checks.

                                     What about one’s human life for it’s

                                     Spinal Hygiene and misalignment’s?

                                     How many is one harboring, what

                                     is the level of care done with that?

 There are manuals for that too, but most don’t adhere as they should, consequently breakdowns are a-given, life-stress accumulations hasten breakdowns. 

It CO$T$ to live a life on earth, it costs 3x more with getting better, i.e., the raw costs of getting better, plus the costs of ill health over the  time-frame until health has returned, and 3rd is the life-misery with that.

                                                   If people employed the DISNEY approach,

                                                   they would remain further in that ZONE

                                                   enjoying self-applied health insurance.

                                          Picture Perfect Health: “a-Camera comparison,”

                                          if dirt/debris were allowed to accumulate into

                                          the fine mechanics of Panavision’s Cameras, its

                                          film might get jammed, or marring that film; the 

                                          horror of that could only to be discovered later

                                          in the dark room.