Contact Us & Case History

 The two page case history pdf is optional to fill out before coming to office.

 (FIRST CONTACT was the name of one Star Trek movie.)

Chiropractic should be FIRST CONTACT with a body in need, more than not it’s some nerve/spinal issue creating the pain, restoring proper nerve impulse transmissions usually restores healthy life.

(Immediate ER trauma is not within the chiropractic realm, being directly medical.  After certain healing has taken place, the case then moves into the chiropractic domain for spinal adjustment recalibration, as trauma creates many misalignments.)

Thank you for looking at my site; keep healthful procedures in mind with daily practice; there’s where TRUE aspects of Health Insurance are, i.e., that Disney thinking.


 Once health is gone, all the money in the world won’t buy it back.”

                                           Dr. Mike