DISEASE versus  DISEASE:

*Aside from disease agents, Diseases occur when a system breaks down from years of accumulation of life’s abuses, because health management programs weren’t attended to as should have been through one’s life.

Chiropractic treatments are the hands-on professional procedure for maintaining system balances after an acute injury has been stabilized, re-aligning the spine from misalignment’s which have happened.

*DisEase is somewhere in-between Normal and Disease, here some function is muted, not operating at its full potential. 

Time frames haven’t been long enough to cause the full “Disease” process to manifest, but that’s on its way if intervention isn’t introduced, usually coming from holistic approaches, such as chiropractic, and a new method, Yuen Energetic Healing. 


Holistic methods are most intent in having people learn HOW to stay healthy; it’s no fun when health is down, and even worse when it’s gone.  If things are down somewhat, nip that in-the-bud while it’s easy to deal with.


It cost to live and stay well, it cost triple with getting better, i.e., the cost of getting care, the cost of life being miserable, and the time frame with finally getting back on top is the 3rd cost.


The minds of Holistic approaches are boggled how mainstream medicine rarely gets into prevention, still with the draconian thinking of, “wait till it gets worse, then will deal with it…,” which was an attitude on a recent medical drama TV show, (Fall/09).


                                      (Disease can occur in an instant when the body

                                              receives some instant invasion of a disease producing

                                                          element, bringing it down.)


 *When the 6 Zone Systems are balanced, your body can only express health.  This method of healing does not fight disease; it balances the body enabling it to express health.   

Where there is health, there is no DisEase; both states cannot occupy the body at the same time.

 *Dr. Fleet, founder of Zone Healing, taught that there can be no permanent healing without teaching, writing many books about Natural Law and its relations to Health and DisEase, the Zones are described “C.”



This person is very attentive in 

receiving  SPINAL TALK.

The body’s natural resistance is most desirable, as it keeps the body’s defense resources strong, becoming resistant to “over the counter” medicines weakens the Immune System.


*If the body is always helped with some minor item like a cold or flu, over time it loses its inner core strength and double damage occurs with it becoming resistive to the medication.