.  .  .as for muscle tightness,


one side will be greater over the other,

that is, if the Right side is tighter,

those muscles will pull the vertebrae out

of its place, irritating the Right Nerve.

*Gray’s Anatomy picture of the

Back  shows two long muscle examples

making easy to understand.  

                                      pictures to come ….

 Once the misalignment is found, the appropriate adjustment is made correcting the misalignment. 


The balanced brain centers then send out the proper signals to the body’s systems wherein the body is better able to heal itself.


What is the condition called when

there are no  more nerve signals?

answer is:____________________

If you have allowed your health to deteriorate to very undesirable states and wish to get itBackon track, a top priority of attention should be your Spine, it’s your life-line.                                        

                                                           *People should discover

                                                           what degree of misalignment’s

                                                           they’re harboring!


                                                                        pictures to come ….



       The great the amount of misalignment, the it takes longer regaining to normal.

                    Its the BIRTHRIGHT of LIFE to live in the HEALTH ZONE!

 The picture of this  “sole”  leaf on the entire tree was taken in March years ago, if it can hang on through the winter storms from November to March, so can you too with regaining health if much has slipped away.  *Just hang in there*

*NO human person is devoid of misalignment’s, because of  upright posture’s ‘dance’ with gravity’s downward pill, it presets the body for misalignment’s from the causes noted in  “Zone A,”  i.e., physical, emotional or chemical.



        Next is Zone Healing C, listing the 6 ZONES.