Immune System

*When the Immune System  is operating optimally, the body operates in the ranges of health  and can experience aspects of DisEASE, vs disease.

DisEASE: one is not feeling quite up to par; it’s a state in-between that of feeling great at the best end, vs being “diseased,” at the other end, truly not desired. 


                      Vertebral misalignment’s are usually the cause of disease

                     and clearing the spine of these will generally regain back a

                     more normal health ranges of those upper  95 – 100%.


Example: the shoulder area muscle layouts; chiropractors working on this joint must know which muscle is being worked on.  (Not known to the public, the muscles of the shoulder joint have an intimate relationship to the Immune System, through the “Energetic-Body,” which can’t be delved into here.)


                                                       When the spasm releases it should

                                                       be let-alone, so the body can further

                                                       the states to normality.

The Immune System is all about having the proper pH level.  The ACIDBASE balance of body it critical and optimum function occurs in the BASIC range of about pH-7.4, as the toxins increase, so decreases the BASE state, going to more of an acid state. 

That feeling when in the acid state is when the tiredness goes to where you feel the day has ‘flipped’ and its time for bed, crabbiness and easily irritated are other clues.

SLEEP is when the body does its major repairs eliminating toxins, so re-establishing that BASIC state of about pH-7.4.


                                     Understanding this aspect of physiology,

                                     one can see how people today have

                                     jeopardized themselves, their sketchy

                                     nutrition, encumbered elimination, staying

                                     up late most of the time.


*People in “today’s modern world” DON’T want to sleep as they should from too many techno distractions, hence being tired when getting up is the norm; the body wasn’t fully returned to the BASIC state, so they’re living in more of an acid state, pH-7.1, etc.  Even an extra day of that drives the “BRAIN BATTY,” it needs pH-7.4 to function optimally.


That being, it’s clear why thinking, emotions, decision making all become off-set, and since this is daily, it’s no wonder why the insanities in the world are what they’ve become.