Chiropractic to Medicine Comparison


 *Comparing Chiropractic to Medicine 

       will help understand chiropractic’s

                approach to Health verses Disease

 *Medicine diagnoses diseases because it views diseases as being caused by some living or nonliving agent, i.e.,something did it…, and therefore the disease must be treated with some medication.


*Chiropractic’s approach is more subtle, as it diagnoses the vertebral misalignment’s causing nerve impingement, which reduces nerve impulse transmission to whatever organs, hence that organ won’t function quite to the level it could, lowering its natural resistance.


*When ones resistance is reduced the bodies guard is down, setting them up for an agent to ‘invade’ causing further breakdowns.  The breakdowns can be instant or gradual, which determines the speed of entry into a disease process.  Agents don’t usually invade when ones resistance is proper.  


If the body’s Immune System is operating optimally, it usually can fight off the agent; it gets well by relying on its own resources.   Agents don’t usually invade when ones resistance is proper.


                            It’s true that some living agent

               can get into the body by direct

               blatant instant contamination,

               overpowering the body’s defenses

               and it gets “sick.” 


*Here both Good wholesome Medicine and Chiropractic are required. Medicine will give the appropriate MEDS, per the Laws of med/disease, as they are now truly needed.


Chiropractic will attend to clearing the vertebrae misalignment’s so all nerve impulses can go uninterrupted to cells and organs, especially the Immune System, keeping one safe from general issues of “bugs & germs.”

When one gets sick, that in itself creates vertebral misalignment’s, if one already has a few, more become added onto, creating even more nerve impulses reductions.



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                              Laughter is its own ‘medicine,’

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                                    with lots of Cheer.” 





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