Comparing Chiropractic to Medicine will help understand chiropractic’s approach to Health verses Disease

 *Medicine’s  diagnostic’s  on  “diseases,” views them as being caused by some living or nonliving agent, i.e.,something did it”…, and therefore the disease must be treated with some medication, being true  if  it’s  that? 

Most of times other general issues aren’t at disease level, yet treated like they are, people then get OVER-medicated, becoming resistant to meds. 

Worse comes when they really need them, now aren’t able to work.   It’s a DICEY matter regarding meds to take when there might be more user friendly approach, but that requires time/efforts, and today’s MD’s don’t / won’t put that effort in,.. sadly.


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 *Chiropractic’s approach doesn’t deal with DISEASES, it’s not their scope by function & license, it’s the SICK category for MD. 

We deal with   “DIS-ease,”  where the body gets offset, a  ‘percentage’  of the time from processes of living, its electrical system, …  NERVE  IMPULSES become skewed from those processes overloading the muscles.

These spasm ‘yanking’ on vertebrae, mis-aligning them, impinging, the nerves, reducing their impulse transmission to whatever organ end point.

That organ now can’t function quite to the level it should, lowering its natural resistance, and for muscles, it’s aches/pains, stiffness.  

Adjusting the segment back into place restores nerve impulses back to the 100% transmission status a re-sets proper muscles length attachments between bones. 


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 *When one’s resistance is reduced, the bodies guard is down setting it up for mishap-injury to happen, as well as “an agent” to ‘invade,’ over coming the body, descending it to further breakdowns.

The breakdowns can be instant or gradual, which determines the speed into a disease process.  Agents don’t usually invade when one’s resistance is proper.

It’s true, when living agents 

get into the body by direct

blatant instant contamination,

overpowering the body’s

defenses, “Sick is right-NOW.” 

*Wholesome Chiropractic/ Medicine are required.

Medicine will give the appropriate MEDS, per the Laws of med/disease, now truly needed.

Chiropractic will attend to clearing the vertebrae misalignment’s, so all nerve impulses can travel uninterrupted to cells/organs, especially the Immune System, keeping one safe from general issues of “bugs & germs.”

Sickness itself creates vertebral misalignment’s, if formerly there were none.  If a person already had a few, more become added, creating even more nerve impulses reductions =’s health-crisis.

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