445 – 3rd Ave. East, Kalispell, MT, 5990

(406) – 755-7545

     . . .at the corner of 3rd Ave E. & 5th St.


                                             –Monday to Friday 

                                               3 to 530 pm                        

                                          -Tues/Wed/Thur are in

                                          Browning every 3rd wk.

Treatment times take approximately 20 minutes.

Procedure involves:

1-preliminary discussion of current problem and its

  progression from last treatment.

2-examining the spine for its “today status.”

3-performing measures of muscle balancing to involved area.

4-The Extremities are also where most people have a

        problem, the list includes shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers

           hip, knee, ankle, toes, bottom of foot.

5-the skull or cranium, jaw or TMJ are also treated, as 

these can mis-align from of the overload from the spine

sending the problem upward. 

 Payment is due at time of visit, check or cash; receipts are given.