Healing Times




  445 – 3rd Ave. East, Kalispell, MT, 5990

(406) – 755-7545

     . . .at the corner of 3rd Ave E. & 5th St.




                                   –Monday & Tuesdays in Kalispell

                                           9am to 7pm                        

                                 -Wednesday in Browning

                                          930am to 3pm

                                 -Thursday & Friday in Kalispell

                                             9am to 7pm

                                  -Saturday most at 9am – Noon,

                                  (Some Fridays & Saturday the office is closed)   

               When in California, by appointment through

               any of 7 days, pending any current production. 







Treatment times take approximately 20 minutes.

Procedure involves:

1-preliminary discussion of current problem and its

  progression from last treatment.

2-examining the spine for its “today status.”

3-performing a measures of muscle balancing to involved area.

4-The Extremities are also where most people have a

        problem, the list includes shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers

           hip, knee, ankle, toes, bottom of foot.

5-the skull or cranium  and  the jaw or TMJ are treated,

           as these can misalign from of the overload from the

           spine sending the problem upward. 

 Payment is due at time of visit with check or cash; receipts are given.