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Emmys Shrine

> > it’s a given they liked being

at unique venues – various kinds.

(who wouldn’t, really!)                      ***FIRST  & Foremost,

nothing’s going to “sink.” 

Cheers to thorough works, makes 4 success tickets.

Oscars Titanic     

Oscars TitanicOscars Academy Chiropractic















Basinger Wins d 98 GG and Oscars

LA CONFIDENTIAL Premier Hollywood


PARAMOUNT  based.  Office’s of  DANSON/Lasky Bldg,  &  GRAMMER, Lucy Bungalows Stg 25

PMNT50th BDay cake





Jesse Louis Lasky was an American pioneer motion picture producer, a key founder of Paramount Pictures with Adolph Zukor, and father of screenwriter Jesse L. Lasky, Jr.

                *V e r t e b r a l   Misalignment’s 



Oscars Academy Chiropractic Spine  misalignments

RITA, pains in the neck can radiate to the shoulders.

Oscars Academy Chiropractic Spine

Shoulders that  “CARREY” too much weight over time become misaligned;

JIM, that’s nothing to joke about,  =’s  SNL: sadly no levity w/ such pain.


won for  SOUND, APOLLO 13.  


MacMillans-Davids-Oscar winner


Oscars Oscars Academy Awards

Oscars Academy Awards

“REACHING for the STARS” to adjust Oscar’s sore neck, from holding the spire in one position for all those years now, it makes for a “pain in the neck,” Rita, Tom could have same if he doesn’t put the model spine down at some point, …….he will.

                               O S C A R . . .

. . . chiropractic helps the regaining of health, beginning

from the inside, expressing to the outside, . . . JACK concurs, also was a chiropractor, loved DISNEY thinking about, take care of small matters, so won’t get out of control, viz-weight and fitness. 

*The Disney Thinking:

Walt related, one day with his 3 daughters at a merry-round, the item was broken, he thought, this would’t be if they kept on with mini-up-keeps, … always would be working,  and so came the idea of an Amusement Park of that caliber, DISNEYLAND;  correct  small  things,, so>

Emmy at podium


HOW   &   WHY.

As learning unfolds, hope u’v enjoyed the unique photos so far, thanks goes to the many who helped and were good Sports; as one  might think, these kinds just don’t happen.

HEALTH  HAPPENS  with the  RIGHT APPROACH,  even   if   your   device   is misaligned  with a crook-bend,   careful  is the  technique to POS-results, … as BING counsels Hope for all the HOPE  he can swing for, securing the HOLE-in-ONE, or from Bob’s view, did he think,  it’s a “HOPE-in-ONE” lots laughs-out-loud,  (b/c  “lols”  wasn’t a term then),  ***BOB  lived  100+,   an astute chiropractic  patient.


















































Frasier Emmys







Frasier Emmys all of them


Frasier chair couch









Emmys Shrine




Emmys Shrine